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Fertility - Fourth Trimester Doula




Self Paced

About the Course

As a Doula, you will be able to work teaching your own classes in hospitals, birth centers, pregnancy clinics, community programs and more! You will gain everything you need during the training to start your own private practice and begin taking your own doula clients immediately. There are ample routes you may choose to take with your certification based on your own unique talents and passions. Birth and infant care professionals will often use this certification to compliment their services. This training is designed for both support, care providers and lay people who want to consistently provide evidence based and up-to-date information about the physiological process of childbirth to families.

We will cover the following:

+ History of birth, where we are and heading

+ A large focus on proper nutrition and how it affects pregnancy outcomes

+ Making informed choices during pregnancy, labor and

+ Normal expectations for labor, birth, and the fourth trimester

+ Signs, stages and phases of labor along with tools for each stage

+ Labor and pushing positions

+ Optimal positioning for labor and birth, both mom and baby

+ Relaxation and comfort measures to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy and birth

+ Mental/emotional coping mechanisms for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

+ Partner labor support and skills to use to support mothers throughout the process

+ Information about medical procedures, interventions and medications that can be offered in each birth setting

+ The fourth trimester, what to expect and how to care for the mother in those early days/weeks

+ Nourishing and hydrating the postpartum mother

+ Creating a customized visual birth and postpartum plan with all of your clients preferences

+ Golden hour support and guidance

+ And much more!!

Students receive all of the necessary materials to including required workbook, badge, childbirth education tools, etc. You will leave the training ready to take on your very first Childbirth Education class or Prenatal Visit confidently. There are additional required readings that must be completed alongside the training.


Your Instructor

This in-depth, self-paced course is taught by me as an experienced nurse, doula, newborn care specialist and lactation counselor; with other special appearances in every class.

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