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Infant Feeding & Lactation Educator




Self Paced

About the Course

As a Lactation Educator, you will be able to work teaching your own classes in hospitals, birth centers, pregnancy clinics, community programs and more! You will gain everything you need during the training to start your own private practice and begin taking clients immediately. Many Lactation Educators seek employment as WIC peer counselors and start breastfeeding support groups in their local communities, there are ample routes you may choose to take with your certification based on your own unique talents and passions. Birth and infant care professionals will often use this certification to compliment their services. This training is designed for both support, care providers and lay people who want to consistently provide evidence based and up-to-date information about lactation to families.

We will cover the following:

+ Your role as a Lactation Educator

+ Anatomy/physiology of the breast and changes during lactation

+ Importance of breastfeeding - one million lives saved every year

+ A look into breastfeeding history, where we are now and heading

+ Hazards with formula feeding and proper preparation

+ Working with families prenatally vs. postpartum

+ Maternal/Infant Challenges

+ Proper recommendations for pumping and expressing

+ Proper techniques for storage and bottle feeding

+ Medications, smoking, drugs and breastfeeding

+ Protecting the milk supply

+ Proper latch, how to facilitate and struggles with latching

+ Positioning options and comfortability

+ When and who to refer clients to for additional help

And much more!!

Students receive all of the necessary materials including required workbook, badge, lactation education tools, etc. You will leave the training feeling ready to take on your very first Lactation Education class confidently. There are additional required readings that must be completed prior to the training. Attendance of the full training course and completion of the material is required in order for certification to be awarded. Free mentorship sessions are included for every current student.


Your Instructor

This in-depth, self paced course is taught by me as an experienced nurse, doula, newborn care specialist and lactation counselor; with other special appearances in every training.

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