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The Resting Phase During Labor

Have you heard about, experienced, or witnessed the Resting Phase during labor?

10cm dilated does NOT immediately = time to push

Many times, this is the point in a psychological labor where things shift from being mother-led, to provider-led and coached. It does not have to be this way. Your body does not need coaching to know how and when to push. Sometimes this means a pause, rest or break before the final stretch. When your body and baby are both ready, you will experience an irresistible urge to push. Nobody knows when it is time aside from you.

"For many years there was no acknowledgment of this stage of labor in our culture. Once a Mother achieves complete dilation she is usually encouraged to begin to push out her baby. But in the holistic paradigm, this stage, which usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes (but can be as short as 5 minutes or can last hours), is Mother’s time to regroup and collect her energies for delivery. Labor seems to stop; contractions literally stop or slow down and the Mother may fall asleep or fall into a quiet, meditative trance. Everyone waits in the hush until contractions resume."

"This is the period of great stillness and peace that occurs after transition. All becomes calm and quiet and the Mother knows that IT has happened. She knows she has found what she is looking for…her still place in the tempest and access to the soul of her baby. Both mother and baby are tranquil and serene, drifting toward the shores of home. She may choose to rest in the arms of her Partner or create a still place to recoup her energy. She is not finished with her travels – she must manage the breakers ahead – but right now she is in peace. This is one of the most important parts of labor."

From "The Holistic Stages of Birth", by midwife Whapio the Matrona.

I recommend anyone who is pregnant, or a birth worker to read the whole text available online.

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