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Childbirth Education


2 hours +

My childbirth education classes cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from pregnancy, labor, birth and well into the fourth trimester. Each class includes over 100 pages of beautifully curated and evidence based educational materials for your keeping. Free printable coloring pages and affirmations included. Since we cover in depth 35+ topics. you will enter your birth space feeling confident, empowered and at peace with your knowledge and choices. 


We will cover the following and more:

  • Provider and support team interview questions 

  • Making informed choices 

  • Normal expectations for labor, birth, and the fourth trimester 

  • Signs, stages and phases of labor 

  • Labor and pushing positions 

  • Optimal positioning for labor and birth, both mom and baby 

  • Relaxation and comfort measures to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy and birth

  • Mental/emotional coping mechanisms for pregnancy, birth and postpartum 

  • Partner labor support and skills to use to support you throughout the process and + Information about medical procedures, interventions and medications that can be offered to you in the hospital 

  • Creating a customized visual birth and postpartum plan with all of your preferences 

  • Golden hour support and guidance 

  • Breastfeeding and formula feeding basics 

  • Newborn care (bathing, umbilical care, diapers, burping, soothing, and safe sleep)

  • Healthy lifestyle choices for pregnant and nursing mothers


Best of all, each class includes the option to purchase and download to The Parent App ($50 value); which lets you take your childbirth class and Doula home with with you! Have the ability to view ALL of your options on your own time, along with evidence-based info, benefits/risks, and sample questions for your provider in real time.  

Preview the app here:

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