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Fertility Education



A Mind-Body Fertility Approach

There are not as many Fertility Educator's as Birth and Postpartum Doulas to choose from. Families in this stage of their journey need support, too! Trying to conceive takes an emotional toll. Fertility treatments have been shown to be as stressful as cancer treatments and people suffer alone most of the time, because there can be a lot of shame involved. 

As a Fertility Educator, I help those seeking support while trying to conceive naturally. I educate on tracking & understanding their menstrual cycles and body changes during each phase, fertility, lifestyle factors and other aspects of conception. I also offer support to those going through fertility treatments and offer education on fertility medications and treatments such as IUIs, ICSI, & IVF, adoption & surrogacy. I attend my client’s appointments whenever possible, help prepare you for doctor’s appointments, provide information on medications, procedures, side effects, and guidance on what you might expect at their visits. I can interpret complex medical information, details about fertility testing, treatments and medications. Most importantly, I help families make informed choices while developing a plan.

There is no “one size fits” all when it comes to fertility. Using a Mind-Body Fertility approach; we will look at all aspects of you and your partners lifestyle to see where we can make the most impactful changes. You deserve compassionate guidance from an educated professional who will allow you to lead with your intuition.


  • Reviewing your fertility/health history, and discussing your goals to optimize your fertility.

  • Identifying anything mental/emotional that could be a hindrance to your fertility journey. We will work together to create a plan to help you maintain the correct mindset. 

  • Reviewing your and your partner’s diet and lifestyle, assessing where adjustments can be made to optimize fertility.

  • Creating a customized mind-body prayer, meditation, affirmations and reflection guide.

  • Resources and contact information of local holistic practitioners (acupuncturists, nutritionists, psychologists, osteopaths, herbalists, chiropractors, etc). 

  • Resources and support for advanced fertility treatment options when my support is not enough. 



  • Initial fertility consultation and health history assessment to better understand your current situation (90 min).

  • Bi-weekly video sessions during the crucial periods of your cycle (45 min each).

  • Unlimited email/text support during contracted time. 

  • Customized mind-body prayer, meditation, affirmations and reflection guide. 

  • 50% off Belly Birth Baby fertility & pregnancy tea-blends!

  • Discounted rates on fertility tech/gear designed to help you conceive quicker.



  • 4 weeks: $200

  • 8 weeks: $325

  • 12 weeks: $500 (recommended & evidence based)

  • A la carte session: $35 (60 min)

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