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Lactation Counselling


2 hours +


Each session is customized to suit each families needs. Initial consults consist of health history review for you and your baby, current breastfeeding patterns and concerns, baby’s weight gain patterns, observation of a breastfeeding session, a personalized detailed care plan and phone/text/email follow-up. Follow-up sessions are used to reassess progress, address any new or lasting concerns, adjust care plan according to your needs or to address a specific concern

Sessions May Include:

  • Education on the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby

  • Discussing your goals and create a plan of success for your breastfeeding journey

  • Going over the different stages of breastmilk production and composition

  • Reviewing different nursing positions and how to achieve the proper latch

  • Educating on oral ties and improper latch, as well as local resources for when my support is not enough to fit your needs

  • Ensure you are knowledgeable on the proper ways to build and maintain supply

  • Reviewing your nutrition and any medications you may be taking as they relate to lactation

  • Sharing about your baby's birth and understand how it relates to your breastfeeding experience

  • Observation of a breastfeeding session, guidance and/or assistance with positioning, proper latch, etc.


  • Initial Consultation: $65 (2 hours)

  • Follow-up session: $35 (1 hour)

  • A la carte session: $50 (90 min)

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